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Solution perfectly suited for Corporate and Freelancers that want to work with the best and most trusted.
Detailed profile with all essential and updated information. Our team makes sure that the data is up-to-date.
We know how annoying it is to ask every professional about their availability; therefore, we designed a special calendar, like AirBnB, but for people.
For both parties, it is essential to have all the documents, vias, accreditation criteria, insurance, licenses, training certificates, etc. All this will be part of your profile.
Legal & Secure
When time is an issue, you often miss details, and they may hit back. We help you streamline your agreements, NDAs, NCAs, and other terms of cooperation. 
Extensive and verified reviews from both parties are important to keep our network professional, reliable, and trustworthy.
A fair place where all details are available to help you make your decision for cooperation based on facts.
What's this about?
Events Masters is a revolutionary platform designed to bridge the gap between Event agencies, Production companies, and the best Event Freelancers in the Middle East and Woldwide.
The platform serves as a hub where professionals can seamlessly connect and collaborate.

Featires will include time-saving and verification processes to streamline the cooperation project for both corporate and freelance people.
Pricing Simplified.
Currently, we only have the free version for you, but as features are added, professional access will be offered.
4.8 out of 5 (340 reviews)
We have interviewed over 400 professionals from the industry to get their first feel for and feedback on what Events Masters has to offer.
Ideal for those who are in the early stages of exploring potential opportunities.
  • 3 Projects per month
  • Detailed Profile
  • Your Portfoilio
  • Basic Profile Verification
  • Reviews
  • Travel Documents
  • Availability Calendar
Professional ✨
For those who need precision and details in every event. You get almost unlimited capabilities, suited for companies and freelancers.
  • All from Starter
  • Unlimited projects
  • Personalized preferences
  • AI assitance
  • Advanced Verification
  • Legal Cotracts Support
  • Premium support
  • And more
How It Works
Event Masters is the online solution with offline verifications connecting businesses and skilled freelance professionals within the event industry.
For Freelancers, it is a tool to discover projects that require professionals. While agencies get to know the best people.
Post Projects
Corporate can post detailed project requirements, allowing potential Masters to apply for the opportunity.
Connect & Collaborate
Seamlessly communicate, negotiate terms, and lock deals. Get most of the information you need from AI help to calculate the candidates. Both Agencies and Freelancers.
Establish Your Presence
Showcase your skills, portfolio, and expertise on your profile to attract potential client connections.
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