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Make more money with an easy tool to liquidate unsold booth space

Why use the BoothLiquidator?

EventMaster's BoothLiquidator enables organizers to Discretely sell unsold booth space and sponsorships that would normally be lost income while protecting your existing exhibitor relationships. This is done through booth auctions and special liquidations to our worldwide network of over 100,000 exhibitors worldwide. Think of us as the Hotwire of exhibit space!

EventMaster's exhibitors are always looking for last minute specials and with a US average of 28% unsold booths, The BoothLiquidator is the perfect tool to quickly sell all of your unsold booth space and sponsorships and allows both Organizers and Exhibitors alike to conceive new opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. We use AI Machine Learning to help you decide on price while finding new exhibitors.

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