Eventmaster - Showfixx


Showfixx is an online community marketplace that connects event organizers looking to sell their exhibit space with business owners who are looking to exhibit. Showfixx users include event organizers and exhibitors: organizers list and rent their booth space, and exhibitors search for and book booths in over a 1000 events in 192 countries worldwide.

Eventmaster - Booking.com


Booking.com is a leading hotel rooms provider and is used by most exhibitors to fulfill their travel needs.

Eventmaster - Master Pos

Master Pos

Master Posis a global name in development and the integration of retail management solutions. We are engaged in all aspects of retail. MasterPOS Inc. is a leading retail Information System POS terminal and is one of the only POS systems that is also specifically designed to work with retail exhibitors.

Eventmaster - Freightquxote


Freightquxote.com sells cheap last minute pallet space in the US and is ideal for companies that ship larger items to events and are looking for inexpensive options.

Eventmaster - UPS


UPS.com one of the biggest advantages of using UPS to ship your items to an event is there “Hold For Pick Up” option which allows you to ship your items to a nearby UPS facility and pick up before the event. Together with inexpensive rates UPS is a no brainer for small, medium and large packages.

Eventmaster - Expedia.com


Expedia.com is a leading air and car rental provider and is used by most exhibitors to fulfill their travel needs.